NAECI Industrial Relations for Managers, Supervisors 


Shop Stewards


This course will promote:

An awareness of the 'high level' aims and provisions of the NAECI, including why it is important to the UK and the ECI.

An understanding of the scope of the NAECI and its main substansive and prodedural provisions.

An appreciation of the important interpersonal behaviours in 'first line' employee relations and the skills required to apply those behaviours.

Recognition of the responsibility that all employees have to their employers and the projects on which they are employed.

A better working environment by helping Supervisors and Shop Stwards work together to avoid / resolve people related problems.

Course duration: 2-day


The National Agreement for the Engineering Construction Industry (the 'NAECI' / 'Blue Book') sets terms and conditions of employemnt for hourly-paid engineering construction workers on major engineering construction projects and repair and maintenance sites throughout the UK.

The signatories to the NAECI are:

  • ECIA
  • TICA

For the trade unions:

  • Unite the Union (Amicus and T&G Sections)
  • GMB

Together, the signatory parties forn the National Joint Council for the Engineering Construction Industry (NJC), which oversees the operation of the NAECI and undertakes periodic reviews of rates and other terms and conditions.


The course promotes a better working environment by helping sipervisors and shop stewards work together to avoid or resolve people related problems, including addressing aspects of employment law, and identifying the roles and responsibilities of the workforce. 

This highly interactive course is best run when project based and presented to mixed groups of supervisors, managers and shop stewards.

Course Content:

  • Increasing awareness of the National Agreement (NAECI)
  • Relevant aspects of employment law
  • Interpersonal skills and behaviours necessary for the effective team working and leadership
  • 1st line industrial relations leadership
  • Crucial roles and responsibilities of the workforce




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